Unusual Turf Problems

CNITMA hosted a field day in conjunction with Wairakei Golf Course, Sinclair Hogan and his staff on Tuesday 29th August , A huge turnout of 110+ delegates from Hawkes Bay, CNITMA, Taranaki. Wellington, Auckland and Manawatu regions.

Some highlights from the day:

  • Presentation to retiring Gary Hampton for his support to the turf industry.
  • Presentation by Tom from Aquatrols, discussing benefits of wetting agents, both in terms of dry patch management but also reducing other stresses, such as summer stress, disease etc.
  • NZSTI Agronomist David Ormsby spoke on latest strategies for managing Dollar spot.
  • Sinclair Hogan –  Course Superintendent led a course walk where he discussed
    • The new lakes around the clubhouse
    • A new polymer/bunker system he was trailing to reduce contamination of his bunker sand
    • His new fescue rough programme
    • Adjourned for  a great barbecue lunch cooked by his staff and discussion with our friends

NZSTI would like to thank all involved for a fantastic day.