Unusual Turf Problems

The NZSTI Turf App contains practical tools to help you get the most out of your turf.
These tools have been developed with the input of the agronomists here at the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute and have been tried and tested to ensure accurate results and a quality user experience. The current tools available within the app are all free and these include:
  • Pest Identifier Tool
  • Weed Identifier Tool
  • Disease Identifier Tool
Each tool has a search page with the option to:
  • type the name of what you are looking for,
  • use our drop-down menus to select features to narrow down the results,
  • or simply scroll through the thumbnail images.
The pest and disease identifiers use turf surface, turf species, the season and the region as some of the options to narrow down search results while the weed identifier uses the weed features such as leaf shape, leaflet number and growth habit to name a few; there is also a help page which explains how to identify these weed characteristics. A special feature of the Disease Identifier Tool is that the results display which months of the year the disease is active in. The Pest Identifier Tool will show you both the damage done to the turf as well as what the pest itself looks like. Both pest and disease tools use the location and turf surface you’ve recorded in your profile to automatically fill those fields for you in the search drop downs. These tools are all available for free on the Android Google Play and Apple App Stores, follow the links below, scan the QR code or search for NZSTI in your app store to download today! Android: bit.ly/2lgynnt Apple: apple.co/2LYI1Xd There are more tools to come so watch this space!