Unusual Turf Problems

The New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI) in its capacity as registered Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO) has achieved the highest possible rating, Category One, in the recent External Evaluation and Review (EER) by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

In its recently released report, NZQA advises that it is both “highly confident in NZSTI’s educational performance” and “highly confident in NZSTI’s self-assessment capability.” These are the highest possible ratings.

The EER is conducted every four years by a panel of independent education experts on behalf of NZQA. During the evaluation, they examined NZSTI’s educational performance and capability in self-assessment, with evaluation delivered as six statements of confidence. NZSTI was awarded “Excellent/Excellent” statements of confidence in all six key evaluative criteria and all twelve of the focus areas. Whilst this is the third time in a row NZSTI has attained Category One rating it is the first time NZSTI has achieved excellent across the board.

EER summary of results

NZSTI effectively uses the expertise and research of the consultancy business to develop and deliver leading edge sports turf and horticulture programmes. These are matched specifically to the needs of learners and partners. Industry, educational and community outcomes, determined by the partners, are valued and well met.

Highly Confident in educational performance

  • NZSTI has a comprehensive understanding of learner achievement. Monitoring and reporting progress and achievement to partners is systematic. Partners confirm that performance measures of achievement exceed their expectations.
  • NZSTI advances knowledge of sports turf and agronomy within industry and in tertiary education. Equally, NZSTI meets well the most important needs of NZSTI partners and their learners through authentic and collaborative engagement.


Highly Confident in capability in self-assessment

  • Academic standards are robust. Coherent programme design and effective delivery meets NZSTI partners’ needs and supports learner achievement.
  • Within the context of training delivery, NZSTI focuses on practical learning, proactive identification of learning needs, and collaboration with partners to effectively support the learners.
  • NZSTI engages exceptionally well within the unique and very small turf industry in New Zealand and overseas. The PTE is highly valued by partners and industry for the contribution it makes. Effective leadership and processes, including academic standards, support educational achievement.
  • NZSTI has a clear understanding of its compliance accountabilities and manages these proactively and effectively to ensure obligations are met.


Olivier Ducrocq, Managing Director NZSTI said “I want to thank the entire NZSTI team for this wonderful achievement. Congratulations! This accreditation acknowledges the hard work and the dedication of our staff to deliver training programmes of the highest level of Excellence. This is also a key milestone in developing the business of our Training Business Unit, locally and internationally.”