Construction and Development 

From inception to sign-off, we’re equipped to manage your turf construction project.

From inception to sign-off, we’re equipped to manage your turf construction project.

Our ‘hands-on’ agronomist design team provides detailed construction specifications and drawings, expert advice on turf selections and materials, and supervises the work throughout the project. With an impressive portfolio of some of New Zealand’s most prestigious stadia, golf courses and sport facilities we are undoubtedly the most experienced turf-related project management team in New Zealand. 

As part of the full project management service, NZSTI agronomists will supervise the work in progress and administer the contract as required. 

Specifications may include: 

Preparation of drawings

Performance criteria for the base, such that at the time of handover the base offers the necessary stability, grade and levelness

Field drainage system, Irrigation system, including assessment of irrigation water supply and water quality

Materials selection, mixing and handling

Construction standards, tolerances and guidelines

Maintenance programme until handover

For a natural turf field NZSTI will also address: 

Specific soil profile features

Root zone and amendments

Turf type

Turf establishment method

Irrigation system

Finished standards to be achieved

For synthetic turf NZSTI will consult on: 

Selection of the most suitable product considering the end use requirements

Base construction, including drainage

Maintenance requirements over life of surface

Full accredited testing of the completed surface

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