Advisory Services and Packages

NZSTI provides consultancy advisory services on all aspects of natural and synthetic turf establishment and maintenance, including diagnostic services (e.g. soil fertility testing and fertiliser recommendations; pest and disease identification; assessment factors limiting the performance of a sports or other turf profile). 

Lack of an appropriate maintenance programme significantly reduces the life of the surface and/or necessitates costly renovation or rebuilding. 
NZSTI also offers intensive post-construction maintenance consultancy designed to ensure successful long term performance of sports facilities. Post-construction maintenance services can be tailored to client requirements. 

Our advisory services can be arranged on a ‘once off’ basis in situations where clients may require information for a specific problem that they are facing. 
We also have ongoing advisory packages that provide long term support and keep clients up to date on seasonal turf requirements. NZSTI will formulate a comprehensive maintenance strategy designed to maximise turf performance and return on investment.

For more information or a quotation regarding our advisory services, please fill in the contact form below. One of our staff members will be in touch with the relevant information. 

You can also browse our memberships in the NZSTI shop. 

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